A. Robin Knows

A delightful robin brings you on a delightful journey through the Ely Renaissance Village. Learn about the different cultures represented in the Ely Renaissance Village and their impact on their community.

Produced by Dutch Marich

Written and Narrated by Virginia Terry

Directed by Dutch Marich & Virginia Terry

Assistant Director Dani Marich

Miner’s Cabin Andy Caylor

English House Jennifer Messina, Jillian Bath, Tom Bath, Caroline McIntosh

Basque House Judy Wolf, Anthony Ithurralde

Irish House Glenn Terry, Gretchen Derbidge, Thumbelina Warriax

Asian House Joyce Christensen

Greek House Ernie Flangas, Mark Caylor

Slavic House Mike Lemich, Dutch Marich

Spanish House Phil Leibold, Rebecca Wittig

Italian House, Marietta Henry, Mark Caylor, Andy Caylor, Adam Caylor

Robin Animation Kristen Murphy

Original Music by Kyle Skelton

Caterers, Carolyn Merrill, Cannie Souza, Thumbelina Warriax

Copyright Virginia Terry